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The prison of Entertainment and Technology


Today, life is full of technologies. We can say that we are always occupied with latest technologies or we are imprisoned in a prison made up of Phones, T.V, IPod, Radio, Internet etc.

This entertainment-technologies is a type of addiction. We are so much addicted to these that we don’t find a time to sit alone. In the sense, doing nothing but just seeing the surrounding, feeling the presence of real world, feeling the silence. In a way, we can say that for providing our life everything, we are not giving any time to understand it, what it actually wants from us. We are just copying others.

In this busy life, we are actually missing the joy of doing nothing, the joy of no tension, no worries. We will find that we have missed a lot of things which don’t seem to be crucial to us at but are actually very important things of our life. Spending some time with our self, with parents, friends, grandparents, thinking, just enjoying the nature gives us immense pleasure.

Sometime, I feel that, I could break the prison made up of all these mobiles, T.V, Internet and make my heart and mind free and allow them to grow.