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Mood Indigo to have Katatonia


Katatonia, one of the biggest known rock bands, is going to perform for the first time in Asia exclusively at Mood Indigo, Asia’s largest college cultural festival.  Mood Indigo, known for bringing down major rock and metal performances for their ‘Livewire’ event is proud that Katatonia has choosen them for the performance.

Wild cheers broke the calm of IIT Bombay’s sprawling Powai campus as a news update appeared on Katatonia’s official website. “Mood Indigo is in it’s 40th year and it is going to be bigger and better, with this live gig of Katatonia taking it one step forward” , says  Aditi  Jain a student heading the Media and Public Relations department.

“Currently Katatonia is on a world tour for three months covering America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand”, says Vaishnav Gupta, Core Group Member, Pronites.

The band had initially made plans to return to Sweden for Christmas, but we convinced them for an exclusive performance during Mood Indigo. Yogesh Kumbhejkar, who is also a core group member of the Pronites, adds, “After last year’s success with Porcupine Tree, this is the second consecutive year that we are getting a major international headliner that has a huge popularity in India.

The band is known for their highly energetic stage performances. This will surely be an unforgettable experience for the crowd. “Viraj Sawant , a consultant with the Swedish institute responsible for getting Katatonia to Mood Indigo says, “It is through tarts, culture and music that we are bringing the two countries together.”

Swedish Institutes have been actively promoting their artists and music in India since the last two years. Last year, it was pop sensation Meja (of the It’s all about money fame) and pop rock band Money Brother and this year it is Swedish metal act Katatonia as the main act at Mood Indigo. People are excited about this performance. “I am coming down from Delhi to Bombay especially”, says Vivardhan Kanori, an alumnus of IIT Bombay.

Mood Indigo’s annual rock band competition ‘Livewire’ winners will get to open for Katatonia this year, which is an added attraction. Mood Indigo was featured in the 51st Edition of the Limca Book of Records for the maximum number of international artists, among college festivals in Asia.