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Is CBI really Independent?


While socialists continuously demand for CBI to be an independent body, the government continuously depicts it as an independent organization. But is it really so? Or is the government just looking at its own interest? Recent activities or rather cases in court pictures the same.

CBI– Central Bureau of Investigation is an elite agency that serves as the largest independent body for criminal investigation, national security and intelligence agency and is controlled by the Department of Personnel and Training in the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pension of the Union Government usually headed by a Union Minister who reports directly to the Prime Minister.

Although PM is the only person in command then also it has now became puppet to the ruling party. There are recent examples such as the bail plea in 2G case, where CBI had been opposing the bail of the leaders involved initially, suddenly refused to oppose the bail for no specified reason and that happened after the meeting of Mr Karunanidhi with congress supremo and on the other side is opposition to the bail of Mr Ramalinga Raju (founder Satyam) after more than 32 months of jail on the same issue of scam and that also just because the former one is a politician’s kin. This is not the true definition of independent organization. Although court denied the bail plea but it left a big question mark on CBI. This is not the first controversy for CBI either, as it always gets involved in high profile cases such as Bofors Scandal, Bhopal gas tragedy, Hawala scandal, etc.

I am not against CBI or any other political party, but the question is why every one is not treated equally in the eyes of law? Why in case of  a politician or any other high profile man, the case is not to find the truth but how to save the culprit? Why the cases in courts are prolonged? They must understand that late justice is equivalent to no justice.

Its as simple as ABC that as election commission and judiciary, investigation agency should be free from government control. To provide early and pure justice its the foremost step. In short if you want people believe you, you should work for the welfare of people and as judiciary work freely from any control or pressure. At last remembering the famous doha of kabirdasji on the same-

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