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Make It QUICK!!!!!


In this day of quickies, anything that provides instant gratification is most welcome. Who has the time or inclination for a slow build-up when you could zoom up and crash down in a matter of minutes!!!!

We would rather go for blurbs and a synopsis than an entire article; short stories rather than long- winded novels; limericks rather than poetry; fast food rather than a three course meal; a quick jog rather than a leisure walk; gym over yoga; a vitamin pill rather than a plateful of veggies and fruits- life’s like that……

If you could snake your vehicle through packets within a traffic jam, there aren’t many who would give it a second thought. We like to be on the move all the time. And that’s what today self- anointed experts tell us to do. Get onto your exercise bike while watching your favourite show; listen to music while jogging; do neck rotations and tummy tucks while driving and some light exercises while at work!!!! We like to read while eating; kids do their homework in front of the TV, interspersed with Facebook sessions; hired hep will talk on phone while cooking!!!!!!

In Delhi, you often see white ambassadors drive by with bureaucrats working on files in the backseat, or the women executives reading a book as she is driven back home.

Even beauty parlours have adopted the multitasking, quickie culture as well. Be prepared if you decide you want a pedicure, manicure as well as a head massage. You may have kept aside your time for the occasion, but inevitably you will find your hands, feet and hair pulled in different directions as three different people get to work on you simultaneously!!!! They save time and make more money this way. With the result, you don’t enjoy even one of the three experiences meant to relax and rejuvenate you, and come away feeling cheated.

Technology make sit incredibly easy for us to multitask- hands free phones; sauna belts that work as go around doing the rest of the day’s work, and foot massagers that fit under your work table!!

So used to we have become to non- stop action and entertainment that while indulging in one pleasurable activity, our mind isalready calculating the next….How many times have we asked our mothers about what’s for dinner, while we are still having our breakfast????

Doing just one activity bores us today…..be it work or pleasure. And, as variety beckons enticingly, we need to be reading more than one book at the same time, engaged in several projects, watching more than one programme on TV as we switch channels between ads, and even be emotionally tangled with several people at the same time!!!!!!

Al this is fine while it lasts and so long as we can deal with it. The scary part is that as we hurtle along on a rush of adrenaline, drugged on life, we are forgetting the importance of giving ourselves a break, the pleasures of a “vacant” and “pensive” mood. Many friends confess they wouldn’t know what to do if forcibly given a break or short vacation!!!

Who has time to coo like Nargis and Raj Kapoor in Awaara……..

Dum bhar jo udhar moun phere, o chanda…….

Main unse pyar kar loongi, batien hazaar kar loongi….

Today is the times of wild gyrations…….

O chaar din ki jawaani aah aah

O beetein tanaha na raani aah aah

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