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This world isn’t big enough for both of us (Part 1/2)


(all characters used here have no resemblance to any person living or dead. its purely a work of fiction)

It’s the world war two, and the world is a deadly place. There’s no one you can trust, on whose shoulder you can cry, none to console you and of course no enjoyment in victory as there is no victory with no survivors. It’s a war after all….

Its winter here and heavy snow storms make surviving tougher. Germany was the centre of all activities. On one side were the German forces battling the alien forces an on the other side they were undergoing a major “pest control operation” within their own frontiers. Trade was on its high, “German blood” against “purification” of the country. Children and young adults were given destruction toys, army training schools were set up. A secret service did services against the nation and not for it. The word “trust” lost its meaning and hatred was added to people’s dictionary. You don’t expect any good to exist in a place surrounded by evil, which were possibly for their own origin. But that was how Germany was….

The war was coming to an “unforgettable end”, everyone knew that and so did general Podolsky. Describing words such as patriot, dedicated and brave were often accompanied by words like harsh, insensitive, anti-social, destructive nature etc. He had been the in charge of the Auschwitz since the “pest control” began as this is what they called it. He commanded what the world later called “useless killing”; deporting men, women and children of all ages that belonged to the impure race here and their execution. Those who witnessed couldn’t just recall the scene. But general did. He took proud in it. But every man has a weakness, he also might have but no one knew. His room was as secret as the project he was working on. No one had the access without his permission and everyone followed the order as that is what they best did.

One stormy night the general returns from his duty. He was tired and looked a bit scared, which was an unusual expression on his face. He was fear struck, as if he’s done something that can destroy his life. He was carrying a bag, a huge one. He entered the room, quickly locked it, peeked through the window and with a sigh of relief sat on the floor. Putting away his fur coat, he unpacked the bag. What he then saw would have put most of us in shock after hearing to his descriptions.

There was a small baby, blue eyes, curved nose, and chubby face with little hair on his head. Oh!! My god! You must be wondering how come that happened, must have been a mistake. The general took him in his arms and kissed him all over his face. He was “crying”. He cried and shouted to his full extent as if expressing the pain he hid within himself. He took the kid in his arms and swirled him in the air, again kissed him and hugged him tightly.
He opened an old trunk, took out a red t-shirt and a short which looked like that of a 2 yr kid. He dressed the baby and then took looked nostalgically on a photoframe. He bought the frame closer to the baby, and said “see child, don’t you look the same as he is?”The baby look astonished and starts laughing. This brings a very cute smile on his face and also on the general. He says with affection, “you know boy, Johnny was just like you , Sweet and cute .We all were happy until that one day he was sent for extermination just like you were sent here. You caught my eye today, else you would have been lying amongst those frozen 1.2million. I am not going to let you go. You’re not a beast, you are my boy”
The baby was the generals’ life. He was his joy in this battlefield. His smile made his day and his voice made him forget the screams of the day

“You are not my blood, but I won’t let your blood paint this ground or feed it to these vultures”

“The U.S.A.F strike is expected any moment, you are requested to evacuate the premises as early as possible, burn down offices and shut down the camps, I repeat shut down the camps. Copy that!!!”…

As the above statements were heard by the German officers on protocol radio, explosions began to be heard on the camp. The general ran towards his quarters. He wrapped the baby in a blanket and fled out in the jungle towards a river carrying the baby with him.

“Don’t worry, stop crying…..daddy’s gonna make everything alright….”

He reached the bank and handed over “Johnny” to a boatman. “Take him wherever you go and take care of him. He’s a special child. Ok??” he told the boatman. He looked at the baby and said

“Hey kid, this world isn’t big enough for both of us…….goodbye”

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