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Pranab Mukherjee — the man whom everyone trusts!!!!!


Recently, the London-based magazine Emerging Markets has named Pranab Mukherjee “Finance Minister of the Year for Asia 2010”, citing his ability to steer the Indian economy through the global financial crisis and “balancing” strong growth with fiscal responsibility. This award unambiguously signals the poise the minister has inspired in key stakeholders, by virtue of his fuel price reforms, fiscal transparency and inclusive growth strategies. This is the second time Mukherjee has been honoured by a media organisation. He was rated best finance minister in the world by Euromoney magazine way back in 1984. This year’s award undoubtedly got most attention- for India’s finance minister thereby also underlining the current interest worldwide in India. More than two decades gone but Pranab Mukherjee can instill the similar amount of faith among the aam junta. He is the man whom whom everyone trusts and respects. His calm and composed nature during any crisis the country is facing

The great dynamic leader from the UPA government has served in various positions ranging from Industrial Development, Shipping and Transport, Revenue and Banking, Commerce, Planning Commission, External Affairs, Defence but has always been the most appreciated as the Finance minister of India.  The cliché in the political circles with respect to the finance minister is “Whenever there is crisis, he is there”. He is one of those politicians who can retain his calm and composed nature during any crisis the country is facing.

India’s fast recovery — when half of the world was still reeling under slowdown – has got a lot to do with Pranab Mukherjee’s ideas and efforts. His initiatives to bring fiscal transparency, fuel price reforms and inclusive growth strategies have been well appreciated. Mukherjee kept India on the growth track by injecting stimulus directly into the economy during the crisis and putting forward a credible plan to reduce the stimulus over five years. During the recession, Mr Mukherjee played a crucial role along with RBI to take prompt measures to protect the economy from the external shocks and turbulences. Be it the government’s flagship anti-poverty measure with a food security bill that aims to provide grain to an estimated 80 million households that are below the poverty line or the confidence that the FM has inspired in key stakeholders, Mr .Mukheerji has always taken decisions which has invited praise in the political circles.

Mukherjee quite often uses political arguments to score economic points. He is known for silencing those who have reservations about India. Pranab Mukherjee, the only minister today who was also a part of the Indira Gandhi cabinet is one of the most respected politicians in our country. One of the rarest ministers to have worked under four Prime Ministers, we look forward to Pranab Mukherjee’s future policies in this day and age when Indian economy is booming and making its mark across the globe……….

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