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Exams end you begin

Exams end you begin

Walking along the LED expo in Pragati Maidan me and my friends had a very stupendous realization.

“Exams Khatam ho gaye yaar”

What a great feeling it can be, I’ve always wondered. But this wondrous wonder ends with the termination of every exam and begins with the onset of butterflies breaking fresh from a cocoon in your heart. Right now the wonder has ended and the beautiful feeling of freedom to make mistakes has begun unlike the pressure of making them (the exams).

If you want to know the best definition of “Winter is always followed by spring” or “The night is darker before the dawn”, this time would definitely explain a lot.

So, as I asked a number of my friends as to what plans they have for the holidays, I found all had one thing in common, to do what they love to do. I love to watch movies so I have a bunch of them lined up on my ‘hit list’. Some say I would go in for an internship to keep busy, some would attend workshops, some go to their hometown and visit their family, some have just filled up their desktops with sticky notes. In all everyone does become happy after exams end.

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