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The BIG FAT Indian weddings


From the celebrations in a royal palace of Rajasthan to the marriage in a locality playground.
Beautiful Bride in an attire costing up to lacs of rupees to the one in her mother’s wedding dress.
From the best chefs of the world to the “gali ka halwai”.

Yes! The marriages in India vary largely and since the ongoing season is of weddings and I can clearly listen all the chartbuster songs played by DJs in weddings till late night in my room while studying for my semester exams, I decided to write about the same.

Two people, in lavish surroundings, surrounded by a crowd of hundreds (even thousands in some cases), following a number of rituals, in order to get married! Even the idea of an Indian marriage fascinates me, after all it is such a grand affair in our country. Someday, in news I watched about wedding of the daughter of a minister or so, to be held in a palace in Rajasthan, and the news carried all the details of the wedding, some of which as I can recapitulate was that ,groom was to arrive at the venue in a helicopter, food included almost all the cuisines that you can find around the world, the bride’s attire was some lehenga studded with real stones etc etc. It clearly shows that when it comes to wedding in India, it means everything has to be bigger and better.

The Big fat indian wedding

Well! It was the case of the rich and mighty but elsewhere also I have seen people trying harder to take their marriage to a new height. From hiring city’s best wedding planner to wearing designer wear and getting their pre post and wedding day make up done from the best salons, people do it all! And really it works. Yes! I have seen it, the big farm-houses all covered-up with lights of every available color, beautiful theme sets made as per the choice of “the couple”, various varieties of food (usually the main attraction for the guests!), best DJ systems playing appropriate music not only for the guests but also for the bride’s entry into the picture to her vidai time and the list goes on. And once a family spends that much on a wedding, you can hear them all through their life, boasting about it like “poore 10 lakh ka kharcha kia tha shaadi me!”. Funny, isn’t it?

But the fun of a normal Indian wedding does not end here only. It becomes even more interesting if you try being a silent observer and can really observe the people around you. What I have seen till now in the all the wedding I have attended in my life till now is that , the crowd is always divided into sections. Firstly, there will always be a group of over-energetic kids roaming all around the place, completely engrossed in their favorite games, constantly demanding for balloons and balls, and after a definite time interval running to the snacks stall to grab some of them! Then we have their moms, undoubtedly the most entertaining section of the crowd. Their main focus always remains on what the other ladies are wearing, dresses, jewellery and accessories to be more specific, so that they can get the hot topic for their usual gossips ,discussing about “was that saree a repeat by her?” or “omg! How many times will she flaunt her diamond set! You know the Show-off types!”. No offense aunties! I really can’t stop myself from writing this! And when it comes to food, you go and stand at any stall and you’ll have an aunty their yelling at the person “bhaiya ji! Thoda jaldi kar do”. In order to get their orders ready they can push half the crowd standing at the same stall! But one thing I can’t deny is that whatsoever they do, they really fill colors to each and every event.

Then, is the category of uncles, who, according to me don’t really contribute much to the wedding ceremonies apart from shelling out money for different rituals! After that, is the category we belong to! And I am sure none of us needs an explanation about what we people do in any marriage. Some are searching for someone to date, while some are busy giving their dance performances on the Dance floor!

These are the small and big elements of a wedding that makes it so colorful, vibrant and different in our country. It is nothing less than a carnival or a fest for the families involved, and, like a fairy-tale for the couple! And that’s why I said that even the idea of an Indian marriage fascinates me!

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