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2011 @ 360°


The year of highs, the year of lows,
The year of yes’s, the year of no’s.
The year when the GDP bled,
The year when inflation led.
The year which started with 1-1-11,
Holy cow, that year was 2011.

The year that had a lot to host,
From the landmass of Asia to the pacific coast.
The poor Japanese faced the quake,
Middle East became wide awake.
Osama, Gaddafi and then Kim Jong,
Their reigns ended, a little too long.

Witness to triumphs, also saw shambles,
The year whose predictability was a big gamble.
The year saw the royal alliance,
Was a witness to India’s world cup brilliance.
It saw the automobile market in top gear,
It was the year when petrol was costlier than beer.

The American Eagle that once soared high,
Flew much lower, that you cannot deny.
Obama’s political ambitions faced a jinx,
As India hosted its first Grand Prix.
Indo-Pak relations saw further lows,
Though Heena Rabbani’s style raised a few brows.

Revolutions galored and the fizzing of fear,
TIME named the protestants: people of the year.
Back home, it was KBC attaining glory,
Sunny Leone in Big Boss, well that’s another story.
The legends from the world reached heavenly abode,
From Dev Anand to Steve Jobs, I give them my ode.

Anna Hazare became the crusader,
The government going hither –wither.
The citizens showed their gall,
Dared the government to bring a Lokpal.
It was the year of events, people came in herds,
DK bose and Silk Smitha, were the buzzwords.

2011 undoubtedly was the year of change,
When emotions blew out of range.
100 centuries in Sachin’s sight,
Afghanistan’s sports finally saw some light.
As Djokovic ruled the tennis court,
Tiger Woods couldn’t hold his fort.

Air India had its wings chopped off,
As Kanimozhi’s plea had a cough.
Ratan Tata on the brink of history,
As Tata got Cyrus Mistry.
Kolaveri di became the new anthem for all,
Poschim Bonga became the new West Bengal.

Oh! What changes the world saw this year,
Not just another one, it must now be clear !
And so it has been a year of tumult,
Rare was the moment that made us exult.
May the ancient Mexicans’ doom be shelved,
Oh! Lord give us a safe twenty twelve!

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