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Indian batsman : Hero or Zero


First day of the Sydney test the Indian line-up shattered like a pack of cards. And then came the Aussies, the wicket was turning a lot and then again the old tiger of Indian squad strikes not even once or twice but thrice . I was surrounded by a little ray of hope but then the ray vanished somewhere into the mist . The out of form batsman of the aussies came out of the shell and had a blast over the Indian bowlers and struck centuries at both and ends of pitch.

The next day was also the blunder for the bowlers Clarke struck double century and hussy too contributed with a century. So they finally declared their innings, putting some reliever over the wounds of Indian bowlers.

Sehwag again upset all his admirers with a knock of 4 runs only. Gambhir looked steady with Dravid but Dravid was weak to bear the pressure and again got bowled out between the gate of bat and legs. After it, it seemed that sachin and ghambhir are trying to end up the day.

It doesn’t seems that they are going to make up to their losses this way , now they are not in a condition to win but are on back foot to defend their match but for that also they got to survive for 2 days .

Will they?