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Fiction of my Mind


MIND….just a small four-letter word. The understanding of its massive complexity is as common as dew in the desert, it still eludes man. It is indeed a prodigy in itself.

How does it think, store, wander, command….??

Man may have reached the moon four decades ago, but he’s not been able to clear the haze, the mystery of the human mind despite grueling efforts by geniuses since time immemorial.

Fiction is all about the unreal, the supernatural. It would be easier to relate it to our subconscious, but in a larger domain, subconscious is nothing but the mind.

So what is fiction of my (or for that matter your) mind?

Simply put, it is the meandering of the soul, a wandering mind, the only difference from the real being that the limit is infinity and beyond.

You could perform live at the Wembley, clock 400+ in a Bugatti Veyron or maybe own all the casinos in Las Vegas. It can get as wild as you can, as wild as you dare. You define the limits….you construct, you destroy, you order, they obey. Amazing, isn’t it?

Is the mind infallible? Or is it that the fiction we generate is eventually nothing but a flaw in the ‘development’ of the super human think tank?

My opinion in this regard has always been vague, in fact you could call me a skeptic.

Relate it to the science laws…you cannot apply force to a system of which you are a part, right?  Then how can you think ahead of the very same thing that enables you to think? You obviously need to think ahead of the mind to unravel its mysteries!! Or am I just being skeptical?

Well, everyone has fictional castles and the like. It’s absolutely human. But there’s something which has been haunting me for quite a while now: why is it that we cannot control the fictional situations that our mind originates? Why are they not always on the affirmative side? Why are there two sides to a coin even in the fictional world?

Is there some kind of a relation between the fiction of (my) mind and the real world, some sort of a parallel universe or I am just exaggerating? Well, I’ve always believed the former.

I firmly believe there is a strong connection between the fictional and real world that our mind goes through, or else we would never be able to explain the similarities between the two. Doesn’t it happen more than often that events repeat themselves in the fictional world?

The fiction of my mind is definitely parallel to my real world, it’s essentially composed of events that I go through, either knowingly or unknowingly. The sequence of these fictional events may seem erratic, the realm is a somber one but I am sure, a persistent determination to unlock the mysteries would surely result in a pattern, a definite relation between the real and the fictional because the “chaos theory” has no domain, it’s applicable as far as your mind can wander.

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As a young child, Dhruv believed that studying at school was the path to serenity. Today he is a sceptic to his own belief in the past. Pursuing Mechanical Engg at DCE isn't what I think I am doing today, I am busy finding the true path to serenity.