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The Idea of an India


India : A theoretical aspiration for the foreseen potential where individuals are harmonized in thought, belief and social structure that revolves around the sight and persistence of an argumentatively sustained and publically advocated holistic good that encompasses every aspect of human nature, belief, action and historical precedence.

The preceding statement is my personal embodiment for an idea of an India. Here the term India stands for more than the less significant or closed minded appeal for the unification of the people of a particular fraction of land and their amalgamation into a singular national identity. India is, and should be, more than just the amalgamation of religions or a secular attitude towards distinct cultures or persistence on the basis of menial commonalities. We need to break free off this historical myth that India is the land of religions, and fathom a new and more effective ethos than just slumbering in the soothing comfort of a belief in a common god. India was initially established as a social experiment by our past greats in order to see how far the elusive dream of a hormonal peace can actually be contextualized. Generations later, this quenching thirst for an unprecedented accumulation of hearts, souls and minds has been disarrayed into minor glorifications and propounded national ego. We are no longer that social experiment whose success startled the western world; instead we have been reduced as a major cogwheel in the very same system of gods and gold that initially we went out to disprove.

Our golden bird never left us at stray; it was us who allowed it to be ceased in dismay. That old bird cannot be reiterated, but a new one can for surely be ignited.

Think beyond our religion; beyond our economy; beyond our people.

Think beyond India, for an idea of an India.