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The Boy Who Lived : This World Isn’t Big Enough For Both Of Us (Part 2/2)


(All characters here are purely a work of fiction. It has no resemblance to any person living or dead)

Part 1: This world isn’t big enough for both of us

Siren shoots up breaking the silence of the dark and calm night. Tapping feet cover the ground and snipers deployed on the towers. 3 patrol jeeps exit the jail. All cells locked and remaining prisoners thrown back home. It was his 4th in past 10 yrs, but podolsky never made it. “Two cigarettes, for a dead Podolsky this time”-a prisoner places his bet

.”Ok…slowly open your eyes, ya…that are it. Good he’s responding. Shift him without anybody’s eyes. He’s deeply wounded. Keep him low.”-said the doctor. On his way to the ward, Podolsky was informed that he had been shot twice in his leg and he had drained down in the river and reached  the outskirts of the city and was picked by one of their ambulance passing by. The police had searched the hospital yesterday and for now, he’s safe.  Podolsky recovered fast and within 3 days started roaming in the hospital. He figured, it was a hospital for the differently abled. Since His identity was lost in 6 yrs, he requested to work with them, starting away fresh, but destiny had some different plans for this prisoner.

One day, he noticed a cute kid, walking with crutches. Something strange was happening. He felt familiar to his eyes. Eyes which were out of his sight for 6 yrs. he ran towards him and looked carefully. Yes it was him. “Dear god, it’s you Johnny.” He yelled out. “Omg!!  Johnny what happened to you, I told him to take good care”.. He went on crying, while he hugged him. He kissed him all over, but the kid smiled and went away without paying attention to him, as if he was a stranger. Podolsky was broken. How was he going to explain him, who he was…?

The doctors told that “Johnny” was brought 2 yrs ago from his village, north of Auschwitz . Flood had struck there and his parent had drowned. Hunger struck him for days. After deeper examination here, it was found that a part of his brain had been damaged, probably an injury. “What kind of injury??”… It could be anything, a pole; a tree etc. Might have hit him. His right leg got paralysed and now his mental age was 6. Podolsky had tears in his eyes. He stared at him. That night was terrible for him. He was feeling guilty. His selfishness had ruined the kid’s life. I trusted him. He cried the whole night.

From the next day, he started spending more time with Johnny, in hope that he may recover soon however the doctors had given up. A new podolsky was born. He took care of all the kids and told them stories. Every hug from the kids, made him feel lighter. The kids loved him and he loved the kids. The staff was happy too. Months went by, everything was going smooth till one day, and he saw himself on a wanted poster in the nearby market. The police never gave up. He squeezed out quickly and sheltered back in the hospital. His heartbeat was fast. He was all sweat and tensed. What if they found him??. He didn’t want to leave heaven to return to hell. So he decided fast.

That night was his last stay. Next morning after the daily chores, he informed the head and left the hospital but did meet Johnny before going. He was in complete tears and so were the staff, as they were bidding farewell to a changed man. They will miss him.

“Son, I have to go now… you be a good man. God bless you. Even my shadow will never haunt you… Because this world isn’t big enough for both of us”

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