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The story of Apple and Samsung ended in 50 cent coins?


Yesterday the internet and social media was abuzz with news that Samsung played a classic troll on Apple. According to the story, apparently Apple headquarters had received 30 trucks loaded with 5 cent coins which amounted to $ 1 billion. When Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook had called up Samsung to know what the hell was going on, they had replied that there was no clause mentioned as to the mode of payment. And Apple had to spend all day counting the little coins.

Well, unfortunately the story is just a story and it is fake. But it sure did give us all a good laugh for sure 😀

Here is an excerpt

This morning came more than 30 trucks filled with coins of 5 cents to the headquarters of Apple in California , in a home security company that protects the facility and said it was diverted in the wrong place, but minutes Later, Tim Cook (Apple CEO) received a similar call from her and explaining that Samsung pay them a trillion dollars for the fine to the court recently ruled against the South Korean company.

In the words of many experts, the signed document does not specify a single payment mode, so Samsung is entitled to send him to the creators of the iPhone its billions of dollars as they deem best.

I am wondering though if Samsung will try to be creative and come up with something similar. After all, serious businesses are allowed some humor right?

So how did this story start?
9gag.com, which is a popular website for memes and troll comics had released a meme saying

It is being said that this was the first seed that germinated the whole idea.

Another Mexican website running satire news expanded upon the story and gave little details. And the story got blown out of proportion. Then Facebook and Twitter did the rest of the work when people started sharing the news about Samsung paid $1 Billion to Apple in 50 cent coins.

So laugh as much as you want, but No, Samsung Did Not Pay The Apple Patent Penalty In Five Cent Coins!

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