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Should English be Indias national language?


India is a diverse nation with its banks flooded with culture, traditions, food types, literature, and art. It’s the only country where SMS is available in more than 10 languages. The 21 official languages don’t count the numerous ones of each state making India a hub of “communication”. To everyone’s notice, this diversity has taken tremendous attacks by “foreign blood” containing a virus ignored, but slowly penetrating in our lives. We all fell ill for 200yrs, 65 yrs back.  Our own language antibodies were host species for the virus and slowly they gave up. We were their employers and toiled hard. After freedom, we adapted every possible thing from them since we were amateur to create our own.eg: the constitution and judiciary. Later, we pursued English as our official language to stay high on markets giving the local one the 2nd place.

Trends changed. Now people with zero English base toil hard to “learn” English the “world’s way” because it’s the fuel for their gas stoves. Those who have no idea of it, feel discarded from the society. Time is showing up again when we were “their” employers. We spent nights and days working, just to fulfil their pockets. The MNC’s surely are making Indians their slaves. Like the older days, this is creating tensions in society, among relations and the social network is mostly through touch screens. We copy their lifestyle, but when it comes to life…We don’t want to live he same. T he society is more divided than united.

How many of us know of Hindi, kannada or Tamil writers or of the ancient regional festivals, but we know of Shakespeare and Halloween.  The government’s vaccine is slow over this virus. Local theatre show’s run empty. Even the movies tend to mix the English touch, but that rather disappoints viewers. We never accept that rockets were first used by Tipu Sultan of Mysore against the British and later they copied it. We neglect our own knowledge, however most of the world inventions had already occurred or their ideas originated back during VEDAS. If this is the scenario when it’s not the national language, what will happen if it turns out to be one??

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