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Indian Judiciary trying its best to keep a hold


Once again Supreme Court has sent a notice to the central government on allocation of coal blocks. The Apex court questioned centre that is it “coincidence” that several blocks were allocated to “politicians, their associates and a few private companies”. If you ask me, I should not mention but all everyone knows the answer.

Present central government always claims that it’s only in our government that ministers have been were sent to jail. Before that no other minister/s has even seen the face of prison. We are always against corruption and will not tolerate the corruption in this country, in our party and at any level in government and “ BLA BLA BLA……..”. But that’s not true; reality is that, any minister of central government or any other state government who so ever sent to prison, has been sent on the order of Supreme Court or the recommendation by SIT (formed by supreme court only) to the supreme court. Not a single party is ready to sack the demoralized man. And this we can see from the number of elected MP or MLA’s. Recent terms of politicians in prison or politicians sentenced shows the incredible role of high courts and supreme court in our country.

This is not the case with UPA but with any party in power in centre or in state. Mentioning UPA, is because they are in power in centre. “ Maje ki baat to yeh hain ki abhi bhi inke neta camera ke samne ake apne aap ko nirdosh batate hain aur isse jyada maje ki baat log vishwas kar lete hain. FO. Spokesperson and chairman himself, Samajwadi Party changes statesman like changing clothes. TMC gives ultimatum, gets package agrees with centre government. WTF is happening!

The seriousness of political parties against corruption is seen through their effort in drafting lokpal bill. Enforcement of it is at moon distance. I just think if our Judiciary was not so powerful, our condition will be like Syria or Libya or Egypt or any such country, but if politicians will still think of individual profit the day is not far when we see the eruption of volcano and it will scorch the whole nation.