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Google gets ahead of Microsoft in stock market


Google Inc has finally gained the top position among tech firms by beating Microsoft to a second spot. On Monday, Google shares gained .96% whereas Microsoft shares lost by 0.91%, leading to share worth of $761.78 and $ 29.49 respectively. This translates to Google’s present value to $249.1 Billion, which is $2 billion more than that of Microsoft. In the past three months its shares have risen by 30%.

Microsoft (MSFT) and Google (GOOG), the two giants represent leaders in PC and internet market respectively. Both are though well behind Apple Inc ( at $618 billion).

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The event could have happened in 2007, when market suddenly became favored towards Google. But its investments in Youtube and Android then were seen to be a risky business the rise was not big enough to beat Microsoft.

After this milestone, Google aims at topping Facebook to become biggest online display advertising company. Google is already ahead in mobile display advertising.

Microsoft’s last Window of hope

The steady change in trends has hit Microsft badly. There has been a move of consumers from PCs to Laptops and now tablets and smartphones. The company has tried to compete in the smartphone market but lost miserably to Apple and others. Now Microsoft is banking on the Windows 8 which is scheduled to be released on October 26th this year.

The new Windows 8 is designed to for a great touchscreen adapted generation addicted to smartphones. In the Windows Appfest at Bangalore earlier this year, journalists were given a detailed demo of the Windows 8. The interface is indeed slick and organisable, trying to blur the gap between traditional PC and Tablet experience.

The UI is based on a neat tile arrangement, where the user can change grouping of tiles as per usage style. This interface resembles Metro, its Windows phone interface called Live Tiles. Other technological offerings include cloud integration and social media connectivity.

The company which was once unchallenged leader in the market saw its first quarterly dip in profits in July this year, a first since it went public in 1986. The loss was worth $492 million.