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It’s that time of the year again


With still around a month to go before the actual caravan of fests begin, the Delhi Technological University already seems to be engulfed in the fight for supremacy……

Yes, it’s February, the month of fests and well, love too!!! 🙂

“Chalega mere sath posters chipkane?”, a friend of mine asks hesitantly.

I look down at the man; half laughing, I ask , “Kiske?”


Well, no more mannerisms now, I’m laughing out loud….. 😀 “Ja Ja!!”

Welcome to DTU, the college, with perhaps the largest no. of independent fests (pardon me if my stats go a bit wary on this one! :P)

With Engifest, Innova, Troika,  Renaissance and Tatva to name a few, the Mech Canteen has already turned into a virtual warzone. Upon entering you are faced with Troika and Innova notice boards, look around and in time you’ll be able to spot the others too. As a fresher, I’m new to all this and so, all of this seems : ‘mad’.

People are being recruited into groups, like, let’s just say, hell 😛 Everyday, a new workshop, a new orientation! Phew!!!

Everybody seems to be caught in a frenzy of some sort, like my room partner getting called at midnight to hang a few banners……

In the midst of all of this, a little bit for us(DTUites) to ponder about: Can’t we have a huge technical fest in place of all these individual fests doing the rounds or is it the all prevalent ego problem working it’s way here?

Anyways, here’s wishing everyone involved, a nice working time….

Let’s Rock Delhi(and the nation) again!!!! 😀

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