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I might not be an angel


I might not be an angel, girl
But I really want another try
I won’t create any troubles for you
Give me another chance, just don’t say goodbye
Will help you clear the outer sky
Will help you chase your dream
I won’t ever come in between
Don’t treat me as the same old gene
I have changed
I have come to realize
There are things in this world
That are better than what even money can’t buy
I have risen up against my past
Will show you how I have changed
My outlook is not skeptical anymore
It has gotten a huge change
So don’t you ditch me gal for d past
Coz future is what will always remain

love song
My heart never lied
will never break yours again
It’s still a sacred place
Where only you can remain
So gal tell me what you think
Wanna catch up again
Wanna meet at the same place
Where v used to hang out in the rains
With this I will now take a leave
It’s not because I don’t have words to speak
But words only matter
When spoken in limited quantity
Only to please..