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Six umpires ready to give wrong decision or pass on information – Sting operation reveals


The ones who protect the laws of the game, the umpires, may themselves be up for sale. So reveals a sting operation by a private Indian news channel (India TV).

The sting operation was conducted in July and August. Reporters approached these umpires under the pretence of belonging to a sports management company. They asked the umpires to give wrong decisions, reveal information before the matches, acts that amount to match fixing. In return they were offered money and offers for assignments at events around the world.

The six men in the line of fire

1. Nadeem Ghauri from Pakistan

He is the most prominent among the six names with the longest list of achievements. This left arm spinner has officiated in 5 Test matches, 43 ODIs and 4 T20s.

The sting operation footage shows he is ready to almost anything in favour of team said by the reporter, in return of money, which he prefers in black. In absence of snickometer or hawkeye he agrees to take wrong decision for caught behind wicket. In cases of LBW too he agrees to take wrong decision. Moreover he tells the reporter how racism works on field, when Asian umpire takes wrong decision, everyone says it’s intentional, whereas such a point is not raised with a white umpire.

2. Anees Siddiqui from Pakistan

He is ready to fix any format of the game. Apart from him, Dhaka Gladiators media manager Minhazuddin Khan revealed info about new forms of match fixing and womanizers in the team.

3. Nadir Shah from Bangladesh

He has stood out in 40 ODIs, 3 T20s and is on ICC International panel of umpires.

This man confidently claims that if need be, umpire can change the whole game with his favourable, unfavorable decisions. And he is ready to do so with LBW, run out.

4. Gamini Dissanayake from Sri Lanka

He is ready to favour players as told by the reporter, in any format. According to him the heights of corruption in Sri Lankan cricket goes as far as getting favors simply in return of liquor and picnics.

5. Sagara Gallage from Sri Lanka

He has officiated in 4 ODIs and 2 Test Matches. He is in fact among the elite umpire panel of Sri Lanka. He agreed to a lot of things including giving pitch report before hand, managing match referees in case of any dispute, managing run outs and outs, fixing spot in SLPL matches.

6. Maurice Winston Dela Zilwa from Sri Lanka

He too is among premiere panel of Umpires in Sri Lanka.  He provided pitch information, toss information, and in return demanded Rs 50,000. For further matches he agreed to give decisions in favor of team in return of black money.

You can see the video footage at the channel’s official website at the following links

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has launched an investigation into the allegations, reiterating its strict no tolerance policy towards corruption.