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Another honor killing, this couple had appeared on Satyamev Jayate


Abdul Hakim and Mehwish was a loving couple. But they had to live in fear since they had married against their family’s consent in 2009. According to the girl’s parents, Abdul was poor as well as from a so called lower caste and thus the relationship was not acceptable. The married couple had been living under NGO protection in Delhi for over one year.

Last week, their fears came true; Abdul was shot dead in Adoli village, UP. His widowed wife alleges that her family members committed the crime to exact revenge as honor killing.

Honor Killing

In the fifth episode of Satyamev Jayate, the Aamir Khan hosted TV show that raised social, cultural and political issues, the topic being discussed was Honor Killings – is love a crime? In that episode, Abdul and Mehwish had come as guests and Aamir Khan had interviewed them. When reports of Abdul’s death came, Aamir Khan expressed his sincerest sympathies and he said that during that interview he could see the fear in their eyes. Going a step forward, he has talked to the police about the security of the Mehwish.

Satyamev Jayate : Is Love a Crime? – 3rd June 2012

As per latest reports, two people have been arrested in connection with the case.

Which brings us to the topic of Honor killings again. I strongly feel that the term in itself is a misnomer. How can “Honor” and “Killing” be related? Isn’t it mentioned in every holy book that any act of taking a life is a great act of dishonor, not only to oneself but to the whole society? How then can people kill someone in the name of redeeming honor or some codswallop like that!

We have been discussing about the Death Penalty debate for some time now, but why? A country where a life is so carelessly beaten to death for the crime of loving someone, we simply do not have the moral right to debate on something as strong as death penalty.

And it is even more disheartening to see that even educated and well off families who are well versed with the fact that today caste, creed, color and religion does not matter; also preach these meaningless comparison of caste et al.

India will remain a “developing nation” until our way of thinking changes.

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