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Anugoonj’s shallow goonj !


Morbid symptoms are what I had read about in high school but got to experience them this first week of February ’11 .Grandeur promised about a year back at Kashmere Gate campus had certainly got zeal filled hearts and glare painted eyeballs. But as the day stepped in, not all but certainly not many felt like stepping out.

Firstly, I would owe all my sincere gratitude to the DMRC people for making it possible for folks to ensure connectivity to the wilderness bound new GGSIPU campus. The one kilometer stretch between Dwaraka Sec-14 station and the new campus is in was in absolute proximity to the lands that were used in the well acknowledged Bolly flick,”Khosla ka Ghosla”.

Another by my side, looking at the dug-outs and uncovered dumps that resembled wells, added,”Saahab Nahaaengey ?” 🙂

Leaving the dust-storms invaded pathways and the roads meant for vehicles, visitors were expected to jump the uncovered drains some 20 feet deep and that too not just in the wilderness already talked of but also the adorned yet not used main gate.

Okay, after the allegations at the place of organizing the university’s biggest annual fiesta, it’s the turn of the campus. Green was the color nowhere to be seen except on the dresses of participants who had came all the way down to the sub-city. Saplings, with their shoots resting on the ground yelled that they had been planted only a fortnight back. Inadequate seating arrangements, power-dropouts at an event or two (some plays the final day), water coolers waiting for their active participation in the festival, a pair of cranes still on by the rooftops as if enjoying the sunset and cement-mortar stuff being prepared by the side of main stage- “a perfect site to visit for mechanical and civil engineering aspirants” .

Next, coming to the most awaited event, the Starnight. Pretty obviously, no one believes when

You place a Chester Bennington picture at your festival’s poster and nor does anybody misses when you do. But in this particular case the much talked of group, Stereonation proved to be very punctual at their signings and assignments. Sharp 5 p.m. they sing a handful of their own somber tracks, few bollywood hits, bucks in and left before dusk. Packup it was!

Excuse me, didn’t they say “Star night”? Or did I hear something out of the box?

On the whole, what many felt was that the Dwaraka campus would have been a perfect host for the extravaganza in a year or two but the ease-breeze negligent approach made it dull, indeed it did!

Sarcasm and contradiction is invited!

By the time I get the dust and fatigue down my head! 🙂

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