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Facebook Messenger now open to non FB users also, login with phone number


Social networking giant Facebook’s new update to its Messenger app has included a very good new feature. Now even non Facebook users can log in to the messenger app with your phone number. The feature in Android platform is now available in India, Indonesia, Australia, Venezuela and South Africa. It will be rolled out in other countries and platforms soon. iOS platform will get the update in the near future.

The Facebook Messenger serves to be an instant messaging service and as it does not depend on general Facebook features like timeline or sharing, the FB account free sign up option was possible. The same cannot be done to other apps like the Camera app of Facebook.


It is rumored that Facebook is eyeing to buy Whatsapp which is currently the hot favorite among Android and Apple users as instant messaging app. This update in the FB Messenger app may prove to be a tough competition for Whatsapp though, as the almost same features will be available in its rival application.

The feature gives non FB account holders to use the app while giving the existing FB users the added advantage of being able to chat with their irrespective of having FB accounts.