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The story of BJP – What went wrong


Nitin Gadkari finally quits and Rajnath Singh, the man who many call the the safe bet takes his position at the helm again. On one hand Gadkari blames political conspiracies that led to this decision and on the other, Rajnath Singh now tries to gather together the political party that is being slowly eaten up by itself.

So what actually happened? How did the central philosophy of “integral humanism” turn into all the wrong things? How did the strongest opposition turn into an opposing force for itself?

Time and again it has been pointed that to have a strong and stable government, the importance of a vigilant and stable opposition is high as the just working of the leading government. So what happened over the years that reduced the Bharatiya Janata Party to a political joke?

Lack of Discipline

One of the biggest reason Narendra Modi is claimed by the common to be the apt leader is his way of inducing discipline and strict measures at least within the party.

Whatever the many points of disagreement may be between two or more party members, the dirty linen should never be washed in public. The infamous in fighting between Arun Jaitley and Rajnath Singh is still evident. And now being the leader, how does Mr R Singh propose to maintain calm and order within the party? By the time he figures it out, it is highly probable, some more will get on his wrong side and there starts another war within. For a political party to be united, members are required to sort out differences and work together. Alas, it has become next to impossible to see discipline in BJP now.

Reaching out to people

It is a fact that all that matters to a political party is vote bank. A party may put up banners and posters everywhere and still only a quarter of population will connect to the party. To start with, a majority of the voters belong to villages, are poor and perhaps the only thing they know about party politics is the rallies that are held to make (fake) promises. And in this regard, howsoever you hate Rahul Gandhi, that smiling face boy has held more tours of poor villages and held rallies (for any reason or purpose). BJP loses out big time when it comes to that.

Narendra Modi has always been an exception. On one hand he holds 3D conferences and Google Plus hangouts. On the other hand he dons the white dhoti kurta and goes to villages and talks to the poor people. Again, I am in no way saying either Rahul Gandhi or Modi is going to these people to help them out, but BJP needs to learn a lot yet.

BJP - Bharatiya Janata Party

Make a mistake, get arrogant, get defiant, lose

BJP members have a long history of making glaring mistakes then being defiant about not making them. In the end, it all becomes a national joke.

Take Gadkari for instance. Had he quit or been forced to quit when the scam hit headlines and so many proofs came against him, all the national drama wouldn’t have been caused. Moreover, BJP would have earned some respect perhaps. As a result of carrying the burden so long, now the party has to work double time to correct the errors.

Balanced act

Narendra Modi is a one man show. And so does LK Advani try to be. But we all know it is not the same thing. I think it is high time the party leaders tried to strike a balance between who the face of the party would be and get all the accolades, and who does all the work. It is not possible for every man and woman in the party to become leaders, someone has to do the ground level work. At the moment, it seems that either one man does it all or no one at all. When will we see BJP again as a party of scholars with witty words when they speak and heavy action when they work?

I think it is time to shed the image a struggling party riddled with holes they themselves created.