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Learning the ABCD of Stock Trading


Stock TradingBefore you enter into a business, have a basic understanding of it! This is what usually people suggest, and it is somewhat correct as well. Stock market is a place where small investors and large fund traders participate from almost every part of the world. Providing small businessman with sufficient financial capital and the large stakeholders a profit makes the stock market attractive to everyone. Also, by having a detailed knowledge one can easily make money out of it.

Trading requires significant study and knowledge because putting your savings at stake isn’t easy anyway.

Below are a few tips one must keep in mind while trading in stock:

Have patience

In the stock trading, over the year’s one thing has been observed that whenever the stock goes up, it will surely go down and vice versa. Also, the manner and the extreme to which it changes, it is the same when done otherwise. So, have patience and look forward to better results.

Do not presume

Stock traders must not bother as to why the market has taken a certain move, rather they should only concentrate in which direction the flow of market is. Stock market is a virtual place and not a reality, assuming why markets take such turns is a waste of time. Only those who are concerned about how’s and not why’s make profit in the market.

Do not depend on news much

Usually, stock markets are ahead of the news. If one waits for the correct time of investing money in the market depending upon the news, he’s already late.

Market reaction in a bull market is mostly positively and to that of in a bear market is more often negative. Keep that in mind and you are half way.

Be trendy

Stock market trading is all about following the right trend at the right time and for the right duration to maximize the profits. The main aim should be to grab the trend and start following!

Be smart

The only investor who is capable of buying at low price and selling at high price consistently can secure profits in the long run.

Unlike the most overconfident investors who do the opposite be a little smart!

Take no stress

Trading does not require a lot of stress work or an extended thinking process if one knows the tactics. On an average four to five hours a week are enough.

Avoid incurring huge losses

An investor can easily avoid the so common error in the trading of incurring huge losses by keeping the buy less-sell more rules in the mind.

Be sure of who to trust

Having a blind faith on the market spectators, analysis’s, brokers or even authors, can often be risky as you might be mislead. Do not trust them unless they themselves are earning enough profit by investing their own money.

Avoid traditional methods

Those methods which were applied cannot surely prove to be useful now. Keep a track of changes in the methodologies of trading systems.

Follow the stock market

If you want to have large profits in a long run without incurring losses do what exactly the market is doing. Be a mirror of the market. If you are going the opposite direction to that of the market, you will suffer badly. Because here the price is the only reality!

Play safe 🙂

The views expressed here are solely those of the author in her private capacity.