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Jennifer Lopez is breathing fire over the leaked news


As per news reports a few days ago, diva demands by JLo led to IPL dropping the American singer from IPL 6 opening ceremony. JLo’s team has reportedly accused SRK’s Red Chillies Entertainment for planting stories in media to tarnish her image.

Who said what

According to the news leaked by IPL organisers or KKR, Jennifer Lopez had demanded a private jet, her personal chef and dozens of room bookings for the event. She was to come with a huge entourage that included her stylists, chefs and managers. The first of such a news was published in an article online in New york. Surprisingly, though such demands are not unheard of from stars, JLo demanded it be removed from the website. By the time the action was taken, the news went viral.

As per Jennifer Lopez’s team, it was her who had cancelled the performance. Miffed by the last minute cancellation, camp Shahrukh Khan had allegedly spread such a news in US and UK tabloids intending to defame the celebrity.

On their part, Red Chillies Entertainment say that if at all such a leak happened, it was done by the star’s IPL team and not by the evenet management team.

The official word around is simply that due to scheduling conflicts, JLo could not perform at the IPL Opening ceremony. Pitbull was confirmed for the event in her place.

Though JLo’s team has not filed a lawsuit for attempts to tarnish her image, the battle of words may have far reaching consequences on other stars performing for Shahrukh Khan in the future.