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Rise of the Zombie, India’s first zombie movie is a letdown


Rise of the zombieMovie : Rise of the Zombie

Cast and roles:

  • Luke Kenny as Neil Parker, wildlife photographer
  • Kirti Kulhari as Vinny, Neil’s girlfriend
  • Ashwin Mushran as Anish, Neil’s friend
  • Benjamin Gilani as Dr. Dave Parker, Neil’s father

Production : BSI Entertainment, Luminosity Pictures, Kenny Media Production

Directed by : Devaki Singh, Luke Kenny

Rise of the Zombie movie review

The wildlife photographer, Neil Parker has a fight with his girlfriend. Apparently heartbroken by it, he leaves for a secluded place in Uttarakhand where he is only surrounded by nature. There he does what he likes most, taking pictures of insects and leaves. Now in a spiderman like scene, a bug stealthily bites him on his arm, but unfortunatley for the audience, he does not turn into some bug-man superhero. Instead, he starts getting nightmares.

The movie makers have certainly taken hints from a number of all the wrong movies as we see full moon nights, minus werewolves. The protagonist, who has been bitten by some insect and we all know by now something is wrong with him, sees scary nightmares, mostly about his girlfriend.

Slowly, the insect/bug bite starts spreading on his arm. At this point the audience knows that he is going to turn into a zombie, but is waiting for something interesting to happen. We see him start eating ants, bugs, lizards to start with, then birds and larva.

Meanwhile his family (Dave Parker), girlfriend (Vinny) and friend (Anish) is worried as they have not heard from him.

By the end of the movie, we see Neil Parker, ex wildlife photographer, newbie zombie, start eating humans.

The only good things about the movie was the execution of gory scenes and overall videography. But more or less, it seemed to be a some story narrated by a forlorn zombie from The Walking Dead. What we will tell you next might scare you most – this is the first in a trilogy. Yes, Luke Kenny will be releasing three movies. The next is coming in 2014.

In case you did not know, Luke Kenny was India’s first male VJ in Channel V and was also the first one to make digitally shot film 13th floor.

Rating : 1/5

Should you watch it : No

The Official Trailer for The Rise of the Zombie