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Rising medical bills in India


hospital_billA patient is expected to take complete rest when he/she is admitted in a hospital. However, this rest could give sleepless nights to his/her family members. The sky-rocketing medical expenses in India can make any middle class person bankrupt. The room charges, doctor fees, equipment charges, medicines can all add up to more than a lakh once a person is admitted.

There are always talks about overhauling the medical sector, yet not many steps are taken. 80% of the healthcare cost is made out of the pocket of the patient in India. Additionally, we come across stories about people committing suicide as they are unable to pay their medical bills. These exorbitant medical prices push crores of people in poverty every year. Yet, few things are said and done in this direction.

First are the doctor’s fees. Little can be argued about this. The fees that experienced doctors’ charge today are unreasonable. And in any case most of them prefer to work in private hospitals or in their own clinics so that they can earn such fees. People below the middle income category cannot afford these private hospitals. So these poor people have to go to Government hospitals where the facility and technology is not up to the mark.

Then we have the cost of medicines which are constantly shooting up.

Government stresses the use of generic medicines which cost less. However, their availability is a problem. We cannot change to generic medicines over night. It will take time but government needs to be persistent in order to bring this change.

The tariff of hospitals has also soared up. It feels as if we are paying hotel bills. The private hospitals provide good services yet there needs to be some limit to what they charge the patients. In case of some private hospitals, it seems that

they are sitting there to mint money. Providing good treatment at affordable prices should be the aim of all the hospitals.

Many medical bodies have requested the government to boost Private Public Partnership (PPP) so that the infrastructure is developed. However, the government doesn’t pay any heed to it. Investment of private players in
Many people had also suggested the government to allocate 3% of the GDP to medical sector in this Union Budget. But again nothing was done. Therefore, apart from waiting for a positive move, we don’t have any option left. medical sector is imperative for the development of this sector.  Even if private players engage in medical sector, they aim for profits. Moreover, they don’t go in the rural areas, where there is more need of medical facility at cheap prices.

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