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SMTP: Crorepati turns Roadpati-Book review by Paritosh Louhan


Author: Ashutosh Bhatia

Book name: So many turning points: Crorepati turns Roadpati.

Publisher: Mahaveer Publishers

Crorepati turns roadpati
Crorepati turns roadpati


[pullquote align=”left”] Author: Ashutosh Bhatia
Publisher: Mahaveer Publishers (2013) [/pullquote]

Book Cover:

The cover of the book is completely pertinent as a person with corporate shoes is a barefooted roadpati in its mirror image. The story’s summary can be easily extracted from this attractive cover page.

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Book review:

To err is Aaryan! Aaryan, the protagonist of the novel, is an immature child who keeps on making mistakes. He desires to be a fashion designer and shares a lovely bond with his family that includes his father, mother and a big brother.  To accomplish his dreams, he spends his parent’s money that always goes in vain. Aftermath, his parents stop considering his plans, talks and his complex stories. From Fashion designer to a commerce graduate, from commerce graduate to HDSE course and from HDSE course to a website developer. He is too eager to learn everything at once!

In the beginning, the protagonist is a fashion designer aspirant. The story in early phase revolves around his virtual lover, Sandra. The author, Ashutosh Bhatia, is a great storyteller who has very charmingly carved up the family relations. The story then goes on and Aaryan decides to do the HDSE course as advised by his mother. Now, the story starts losing curiosity as everything is just flowing tranquilly. There are no turns, twists or jaw dropper and hence it loses its pace in the middle.  The protagonist turns himself into a web developer after observing a guy who has earned a black shining car from the bucks grossed through web development. Author Ashutosh has successfully depicted the eagerness of Aaryan by making him a web developer at this stage.

Soon after a little fight between families, Sandra vanishes from Aaryan’s life and he finds a new love, Shona. I wish, if my life could be same as that butter-smooth-flowing-story, alas!  In between, Aaryan establishes himself as a business man and his unvarying attempts for success could be the inspiring factor from this book. Kudos Ashutosh! Aaryan inaugurates his business in Jaipur and Delhi and finalizes all projects on time. He ponders less over the emotional relationship with employees and focuses main on the targets. His hard work pays off and turns him into Crorepati sooner.

Soon, start the twists and turns in the story as soon as half of the novel passes.  Aaryan’s well reputable business witnesses its twilight. One of his employees starts deceiving him for some trivial reason (which I can’t relate with that big revenge). All employees leave the company except two and Aaryan couldn’t handle the present demand of projects. More willingly, he turns into a roadpati at the end. As we Indians believe in happy ending, Aaryan learns from his this  mistake again and turns himself into a crorepati again!

Monsoon is here and this could be the only novel in market without any F-word to adulterate your communication. Go for it.

Our rating: 3.5/5

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