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Dear DU! I Love You!


I love you DUIt is a dream come true when you secure a first division and attain the highest marks in college and be declared a topper. You step out of the college in bright glinting sunlight with stars in your eyes thinking the most wonderful and colorful thoughts about where you are going to pursue your post graduation from.of course, a college topper, 1 of the highest ranker in an esteemed university – Delhi university of India, you are bound to get into the college of your choice. Wrong!

Imagine a circus where you are the mute elephant performing various tricks while the spectators revel and the authorities at the arts faculty and colleges enjoy your frustration and after a ‘minimal delay’ or a ‘technical glitch’ almost claim your life. The journey from under graduation to post graduation is nothing but a series of minor heart attacks. Revel in the DU experience. Bask in it.

The first day of post grad admissions saw me lining up at a counter with other students of different colleges who had earned a well deserved place in the first merit list like me. Stuffy and eager, jumping and nervous. These were the tangible emotions that you could feel prevailing in the atmosphere. I line up and to find that the most basic document-my admission form has been misplaced by the almighty authorities. Yes! Time for a mini heart attack. My mother rushes to the counter and 3 huge bundles of application forms are propped on the table. Respected sir 1 ,who shall remain unnamed casually flicks through the bundle -‘aapka form nai hai‘. And at the very same moment I see my photograph in a red tee, peeking at me shyly from the third form in the bundle.

I utter a shout of joy and then rush to the registration counter where respected madam 1 is signing the slips. Looks at me from head to toe and utters a prophetic sentence-we have the admission form, we can see. All parts of my body scream in rebellion-wow! It was because you did have the admission form that I am running from one corner to another. My god, I did not know that you were so intelligent and then suddenly a gleam shines. The authority hesitates. Why-my my, I am a top ranker with marks through the ceiling. Was not i a top ranker ten minutes ago. Everybody who is standing in that queue is a top ranker. The clerk slowly wobbles and gets my name approved. Now I am not reduced to the mere status of-eligible but form not found. I emerge out of the unknown and head to a college. Like every other topper, I want admission at H****u college. Guess what is the system over there? Please register with us and we will call tomorrow to inform. Yeah! Right. Why should I register? I have worked hard for three years and secured the required percentage. You should give me a seat right away rather than hoarding it for your own undergraduates. We are alienated and discriminated against because we could not pursue graduation from this elite college and now our access has been restricted with borderlines being marked. 12 seats and how many are offered to those from other colleges. The look of the respected sir 2 and respected madam 2 who jot down your names gives away clearly that you are not getting in. Another mini heart attack. The next college which you wanted has already been filled and then you rush to another college where five candidates in front of your eyes are turned away being supplied with the excuse that the seats have been filled while respected sir 3 pupils expand on seeing your score. No one from their college scored that high so you get the seat and two candidates after you. The next day is no better, complain to the principal to announce the final list of ‘selected candidates’ and then run from pillar to post for submitting a single document.and then be informed that the college which had earlier been filled is still accepted students.

And at the end of it all return back to the faculty and realize that you have again been lost from the merit list. This is approximately the fifth minor heart attack. They add your name to the list and ask you to relax with a smile on their face. Everything is fine in the world. It’s a miracle that you are still standing on your feet.

Dear DU! I am in love with you