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And hence, blogging happened! (Entry for The Lost Paradise Contest)


ContestI have been writing for quite some time now. However, the thought of writing about how and when I started blogging never really crossed my mind. It was only when a read a post of one of my blogger friends that this idea struck me. So thanks to her!!

So, when I was in my sixth semester, I joined an MBA coaching institute. Pursuing MBA after engineering has become a trend these days. Hence, like most of my batch mates, I decided to prepare for MBA entrance exams. The teachers in the institute were quite good. There were three of them, for English, mathematics and data interpretation. Our English teacher was quite good looking 😉 😉 Co-incidentally, most of the English teachers I have come across have been quite good looking. Sometimes I wonder whether good looking aspiring teachers deliberately take up English as their subject or the subject is such that it interests only good looking people!! Anyways, our English teacher used to suggest ways by which we could improve on our language skills. Blogging was one of his suggested methods. He told us we could easily create a blog, public or private, and write posts to improve our writing skills.

Hence, like an obedient student I created my blog. I used to write poetry at that time, although not so frequently. I thought it would be a nice opportunity to share my poems and thoughts with others. I remember the day when I had written my first post. I felt like a little child who makes a naive painting for the first time and then runs around to show everyone that see, I have made this. I felt like telling people that see, I have written this, so read it and tell me how good it is!! In the beginning I shared my blog with my brother and some of my close cousins. However, they hardly took any interest in what I wrote. I don’t blame them at all. Actually even now we hardly take each other seriously. Hence, for them it was all quite amusing.

Reading my “utter nonsensical” blog was the last thing on their minds. Off course, I was disappointed but not disheartened. It never stopped my thoughts. Slowly and gradually I started sharing my blog with my friends and discovered that some of them were writers as well!! Later on, I found new readers and new writers through blogger and blogadda. The best thing about blogging is people who read my blog, read it out of their own will. I know I can never force people to visit my blog, read or comment. It’s entirely up to them. Hence, I want people to read my blog only if they are willing to read. For me, blogging has been a great experience. I would like to thank all the people who have appreciated and motivated the writer in me.

It’s because of you people that I get inspired to write more. Sometimes, when I go through my older posts, they remind me of the experiences related to them thus, leaving me nostalgic. I hope to share many more such experiences of my life with my readers. Hope this journey continues.

Radhika Gupta