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Mera beta engineer banega


A famous dialogue of a famous movie goes like this –

5:15 min ko mera janam hua, aur 5:16 min ko Abba ne kaha, “ Mera beta Engineer banega”.

Just like Indian girls have a fetish for jewellery, Indian parents have a fetish for a piece of jewel called “Engineering” which they crown their temples with. Personally speaking, the present situation of our country is pathetic when it comes to education. Brilliant minds work day and night to get admission in a ‘good’ college, university and what most of them get admitted to is the school of depression. Recent changes in the examination pattern have almost screwed up what used to be the proper way of conducting the examinations.

The NEET or National Entrance Eligibility Test was a huge failure, as lakhs of meritorious students failed to get admission in villages and were forced to take a year drop. Similarly the much thought-after creation of the ministry of education, JEE Mains and Advanced, too, was not much appreciated. Out of the 1.5 lakh students who were selected for advanced level, more than 70% could not get admission in government colleges.

In a nutshell, India is in a grave situation when it comes to education system and the way the students are being affected by it. The high DU cut-offs, the limited number of seats in reputed post-graduation, Ph.D. colleges and institutions, the upper hand of management quota in admission to colleges, are nothing but careless on the citizens and governments part.

We Indians are pretty narrow minded too, even if the government tries to introduce new branches of reputed institutions like IITs and IIMs. People don’t accept them at least before 10 years of their establishment. That means IIT Patna is a benighted institution as compared to IIT Kharagpur!!

And when it comes to rural education, I never understood the concept of mid-day meal. If students can’t afford primary education and have to be lured into schooling programmes for midday meals, than it is a shame for our country. It’s not an educational problem, but a financial one, but all of these problems are linked and affects the education sector too.

There are two types of students in our country- on one side; people don’t have money, so they don’t study. While some others have excess money, can afford to buy expensive gadgets, and finally get so engrossed in them that they don’t study. In maximum number of cases, the outcome is that students don’t study!!!

In my opinion, every individual problem in India is somehow linked to education. We, the youth population bear the responsibility to provide a panacea for these problems and lead our country up the stairs of development.

As a step in this direction, I am happy to say I am a part of AglaSem EduCon 2013.

What is AglaSem EduCon 2013

Students, education and the future of the country are so closely interlinked that we really need a platform now to actively debate, discuss and finally work upon solutions that education in India needs. In the age of technology, shining entrepreneurs and also being home to such talented minds; the effort of EduCon would be to bring together the most powerful tools and initiate an era in development of education in India.  Come, be a part of it!

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