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Look around and then curse your luck


During my +2, cursing my luck used to be my favorite pastime. I always used to think how my life was just full of physics, chemistry and all-time-haunting maths, and had nothing interesting. Crying over the enormous syllabus of ISC board was my all-time favorite, till I visited a small village in Bihar.

As it happened, I had to attend a family function in a small village. One evening, we were strolling on the terrace when a faint light in the otherwise dark surrounding caught my attention. There was a boy, sitting on the ground, with a kerosene lamp beside him, and a book in his hand. The large number of mosquitoes did not seem to perturb him.  He was continuously scribbling something on his notebook, unperturbed by his surroundings.

It seemed to me as if someone had slapped me hard, right on my cheeks. I thought about my house, which had every facility one needs to lead a normal, comfortable life. I thought about my habit of cursing my destiny, which had loaded me with the large number of books and uncountable chapters, and then I thought about this boy who did not have anything that I, and most of us reading this are blessed with. I was dressed in a sequined gown, he just had a towel wrapped around him. Still, there was something in him that made me feel ashamed. At least he was trying. Trying hard to improve the condition of his life, his future, whereas I just concentrated on my present. That was the day I started noticing the people in my surroundings.  I opened my eyes to have a look at my world and it hurt me to see that not everyone was as lucky as I was. There are people who cannot feed their children properly, let alone sending them to an institution to study. There are people who sleep under plastic sheets, and own nothing but the plastic they sleep under.

We children have the right to education but there are people who make their children work to earn bread for them. When we compare our lives with theirs, it is then that we realize the value and importance of our life, our parents and every facility that we get.

I remember another episode related to penury and how it affected another child…  Recently, I had gone to kamlanagar. A 5-6 year old boy and his sister were selling those Barbie stickers that children love! That boy came up to me and said, ‘didi please le lo nadidi’ and I found it so hard to convince him that I did not need those stickers. At that time, I felt pity fir the boy, but later on I found him conspiring with his sister how to emotionally entrap customers into buying those stickers. What hurt me more was that the sheer penury of families like that of the boy, was ripping out the innocence from him. 5 year olds are not expected to concoct business tactics!! Today if his father was rich, he would have been studying in a proper school.

There are people who don’t  get major opportunities  in life. Still they try to somehow make ends meet. We must realise that opportunities are not given to everyone, every time. We must make use of the chances we get and help to make the world a better place for everyone. Once we start taking our lives seriously, we would have already planted the seed, which on providing nourishment would bear fruits of happiness and satisfaction. When it comes to the underprivileged, we can make them feel better, by not ostracizing them at least. I am proud to be a part of EDUCON, whose sole motive is to provide opportunities to those who have brilliant ideas and creative minds.

The AglaSem EduCon 2013 will provide a platform for all the creative minds of our to share their ideas, present their business plans and discuss the educational problems of our country. The effort of educon would be to bring together powerful dignitaries and common people and initiate an era in the development of education in India. Come, be a part of it!!

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The author is currently studying economics from Daulat Ram College, Delhi University. She loves reading books and playing her guitar whenever she finds time. A vocalist for Alahyaa, she has completed her Visharad in music from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad.