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Your own Eureka! Moment


In ancient Greece, there was no mechanism to test the purity of gold and a desperate king wanted to know whether the goldsmith had embezzled him with the golden crown or not. The eccentric king ordered a person by the name of Archimedes to either find out a way or die. A distressed Archimedes tried hard but wasn’t able to figure out a way till one fine day he was just lying in his bathtub and was loathing the amount of water displaced and lost whilst entering the bathtub. Suddenly he realized that the volume of water displaced is equal to the volume of the immersed body – a way to find out the density of the golden crown and compare it with the density of pure gold!  This realization led him to run naked through the streets of Greece shouting Eureka! Eureka! Literally translated to I have found it, this legend has led this word a new and different meaning.

Remember your childhood when you weren’t able to understand the reason behind many things and then after some years one fine day it strikes you with a sudden feeling of elation and enlightenment –that is a Eureka moment. When you are on the verge of pulling out your hair while trying hard to get an answer to a problem and suddenly you figure out the key step to it that solves it – that is a Eureka moment. When you see that there is this cartel of taxi drivers and you figure out that a taxi app will be a boon to everyone – that is a Eureka moment. When you don’t want the hassle of getting in a line each time for a movie or train ticket, many a times to figure out that the show went house full while you were sweating it out in the queue and then you realize that an e-ticket system would be such a boon – that is a Eureka moment.

There are still a lot of innovative intelligent inventive minds coveting that Eureka moment. There are still a lot of problems in this world awaiting their respective Eureka moments.  The Entrepreneurship Cell of IIT Bombay presents you a golden opportunity in the guise of Eureka – Asia’s largest business model competition! And to win prizes worth Rs.50, 00,000.

Never ever subdue your innovative ideas – you never know what might turn out to be a successful model! Grab the chance to present your b-plan on a platform so wide that your idea will surely get some recognition.

We all have that innovator in us. There are a lot of instances in our day to day lives where we solve so many problems on a small scale.  Why not take it to a bigger scale? When a small piece of wood can fix a shaking table, why can’t your idea – however small it is – can fix this society that is shook up with problems?

And I think we Indians would be the best to solve problems. After all, we Indians are the best at jugaad, aren’t we? 😉

Register at www.ecell.in/eureka

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