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Fake Certificates? So what!


The investigations in the fake certificate racket so far have revealed that several people – including teachers and parents – could be part of the racket.

Is this news new? Naah, its been happening for long. And why shouldnt it? After all, in our system, educational degrees depend not only on your marks but the following too

»Your “Category” (read: the classification that our ancestors did in an attempt to divide people on basis of work they do. I must say our lawmakers really grew up reading ancient texts. But I guess they forgot the phrase “Move On!”)

»Your state of belonging: Bal Thackerey isn’t the only one crying himself hoarse over keeping things within the “family of state”. Though this criteria has its plus points but many students lose out to good NITs even though they are quite suitable.

»Your “Extra Curricular Performance”: Lord save the child who had to firstly score 95% plus in XIIth boards and also had to ensure he played some whacky sports to get the good prestigious seat. And if he ultimately is such a good state level player et al, why isn’t he pursuing a career in that sport, why waste a nice Economics honors seat buddy?

»And a lot of other “Under the table” factors which you all know. I really pity the families who waste away precious 10 lakhs to 50 lakhs and even more to make their sons and daughters future engineers and doctors.

No wonder I have to think twice before going to a new dentist. Or for that matter wonder who the hell is building that bridge that will risk so many people’s lives tomorrow.

We have been supporting Mr Anna Hazare for corruption in politics and the government for so long. What happens when one of us, aka the so called “Youth” has to face the admission blues? Why does he succumb to bribes, fake certificates, management quota ?

Do we not have the courage to pursue the thing we are good at? If you know that you have scored poorly and are not fit to be an engineer, instead wish to be a singer, please get the balls to risk it there. Do not take your parents’ hard earned money and waste your life!

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