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Author Guidelines

Content Guidelines

a. Readers are of foremost importance to both you and us, and they’ll return only when they find quality. Quality has to be of highest order. Their trust needs to be earned.

b. All the content that is being published here has to be 100% original, it may be published someplace else, but the same name is supposed to have been used. If a particular post is published without a name, it can’t be published. In case you are using reference in any form, you have to mention it at the end of the post.

c. The posts must use proper English. Try to keep the Hindi words to a minimum, try to avoid SMS lingo as far as possible.

d. The content provided in the post should not be a rehashed version of what has already been published in your previous posts.

Original: The Indian Fusion provides a great platform for the youth to be heard!
Rehashed: A great platform for the youth is provided by The Indian Fusion

e. The article must not be self-aiding or contain Promotional matter as in the Title, or in Body.

f. Once, you’re done with the post, save it as pending.

g. The managing editors shall have the final say on the matters; i.e. your posts may be rejected/you may be asked to make changes by the editors (you’d be provided the reasons/guidelines for the same)

h. The schedule provided at the beginning of each week is to be followed religiously; any queries/questions regarding the same may be communicated to the Managing Editors. In an event of non-compliance, you may directly contact your section manager/editor.

And now for the perks!

a. You will be added to the team after a minimum of 5 posts.
b. You are supposed to submit 4 articles per month if you’re to be on the team.
c. You’ll be awarded a certificate only after you’ve achieved the compulsory requirement of 6 months activity and a minimum of 24 posts.

Looking for a full time job?

Drop an email at [email protected] with a few of your written works. We will get back to you!