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A soon-to-be engineer by education, a reader by heart, and a writer by choice. Someone who strongly believes in the power of the pen to bring about change.. lasting change

Letters from No one

The doorbell rang. Since it was afternoon and not really a time for visitors, my curiosity took the better of my laziness and I...

Unaccustomed Earth

Unaccustomed Earth- A poetry in prose Unaccustomed Earth is a collection of very striking, touching short stories by Jhumpa Lahiri. For someone who has read...

Panchatantra and Management

Yes, you read it right- Panchatantra and Management! Your look of wonder and confusion is completely apt. My reaction was just the same when...

Million Dollar Seamstress

Ruby Ashraf, Precious Formals Ruby Ashraf is the founder of Precious Formals, a $10 million company, which sells Prom Dresses across the whole of US. Ruby...

Journey of a thousand miles

But the journey was not easy. In the India of 2001, no one was buying online. Lots of lookers but very few bookers. And so, Deep and his team of 20 employees working from a 1000 sq.feet office, toiled hard day and night. They did not give up because they knew that the internet boom was around the corner. Makemytrip was the only travel portal at that time. So, when cheap flight tickets came and railway tickets started getting booked online, makemytrip struck gold. Their fortunes turned, but not overnight. The company owed its success to the perseverance of those 20 employees and the vision of its founder, Deep Kalra.