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A place to halt. Let loose of your surreal most budding cravings to write and be heard.
Not a critique, TIF sits down beside you and lends a patient yet tender ear to your thoughts and ideas.

Views presented hear are fondly thoughtful and revelatory.

Hob-nobbing with like minds.. You may also meet the person with the exact same playlist as yours!

What are you waiting for?! Write down your thoughts and submit here now!

To submit the content drop us an email at [email protected] with subject “TIF Article Submission”

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Become an Author at The Indian Fusion!

Do you have the passion to write? Well, you can become an Author or a Reporter at TIF!

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As an Author, you can write on a plethora of topics. They may be soul stirring passionate articles on a burning issue, or your views on sports; it could be a crazy story you wrote or a poem you dedicate to your love. Words, The power of words is immense! Use it well buddy!

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For a writer it is most challenging to identify one’s strengths and weaknesses and work on both in a comprehensive manner. Often we come across brilliant opinion piece writers who wish to explore a wider range of issues to cover; or fiction writers who need to nurture their imagination to come up with brilliant pieces. To accomplish this, at TIF Internship Programme, we guide each intern individually and help them grow with each article.

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